With your help, I can once again be… I can….

I could try and tell you that the lines below are nothing more than a detailed account of the event that changed my life, and  that I am not in fact trying to tug at anyone’s heartstrings. I could tell you that, but it would be a lie. I am in fact trying to do just that:  to strike a chord, to move you. Because it is only with your help that I can ’be’ again…

My words are trying to express the many feelings, emotions, efforts, the moments when I felt like giving up and the ones when I fought, all these experienced one after the other and sometimes even at the same time, as impossible as this may seem. What follows is my story, my account of the event that led to discovery and self-discovery, an event I sometimes wished it were reversible.

I had never wanted to be wiser, more knowledgeable than or even different from the others. Life, however, had other things in store for me – a challenge I am still struggling to come to terms with every single day…

Octavian Nita

Can YOU help me too?

Money raised from donations so far: € 1670


Cervical spinal cord injury (C3-C4), surgery performed at ‘Bagdasar Arseni’ hospital in Bucharest by a team of surgeons, namely Dr Florin Exergian and Dr Nicolae Soare.

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Epidural stimulation is a revolutionary treatment, available only at a clinic in Thailand. The cost of 100,000 euros is way beyond my financial means.

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